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Blue Branch is an Event Promotions company based in the Haymarket area of Edinburgh. Formed due to the ever-growing demand for alternative marketing strategies, at Blue Branch we specialise in Event Marketing campaigns.

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Blue Branch investigate the success habits of millionaires

Entrepreneur and CEO of Blue Branch Rania Noumaan is passionate about her role as a coach and mentor for budding entrepreneurs, and this week... read more

15.09.2017 • By Blue Branch

Blue Branch's how to guide for escaping your comfort zone

Neale Donald Walsh once said, "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." Edinburgh-based direct sales and marketing specialists, Blue Branch... read more

03.08.2017 • By Blue Branch

Maintain your motivation using Blue Branch's top tips

Direct sales and marketing specialists, Blue Branch believe that having the right motivation is the difference between the successful and the... read more

28.07.2017 • By Blue Branch

Blue Branch: Business Lessons to Take Away from Wonder Woman

Inspired by the recent box office smash hit Wonder Woman, Edinburgh-based event marketing specialists Blue Branch have revealed the business... read more

30.06.2017 • By Blue Branch

Blue Branch Plan Growth Strategy for 2017

Managing Director at Blue Branch , Rania Noumaan has announced the growth goals of the events promotions firm, revealing the primary focus being... read more

12.01.2017 • By Blue Branch

Blue Branch preparing for a big Q4 following R&R Getaway in Tenerife

Following a four-day R&R getaway in Tenerife, event promotions specialists, Blue Branch are feeling rejuvenated and excited for a massive last... read more

21.10.2016 • By Blue Branch

Blue Branch reflect on their achievements on their second birthday

Edinburgh-based events promotions firm Blue Branch recently celebrated a new business milestone, surpassing the two-year trading mark on... read more

18.10.2016 • By Blue Branch

Blue Branch attend esteemed leadership event

A prestigious leadership event was held on September 11th in the beautiful city of Newcastle, with the meeting aimed to promote local... read more

23.09.2016 • By Blue Branch

Blue Branch Reviews Recent Report Suggesting Brands Must Prioritise...

After a recent report emerged on the back of a study carried out by Channel 4 and Starcom questioning over 1,100 16-24 year olds, it revealed that... read more

21.07.2016 • By Blue Branch

Why is the World in the Grips of a Productivity Decline? Blue Branch...

After new reports suggest global workplace productivity is at its lowest rate for nearly three decades, Blue Branch have shared how they sustain... read more

19.07.2016 • By Blue Branch

Blue Branch Ltd.: Are you ready for leadership?

Sales and marketing experts Blue Branch Ltd. Reviews 3 powerful signs that demonstrates a person is ready to take the lead in the business.... read more

05.07.2016 • By Blue Branch

Blue Branch reveals their beginner’s guide to motivation

Blue Branch , the Edinburgh-based firm highlights how even the greatest of entrepreneurs have had trouble staying inspired over a long period of... read more

31.05.2016 • By Blue Branch

Blue Branch: Does the Future Belong to Entrepreneurs?

With research suggesting 50% of Americans will be freelancing by 2020, Blue Branch has reviewed the upcoming entrepreneurial... read more

26.05.2016 • By Blue Branch

Blue Branch seek out individuals with the competitive edge

Events promotions company, Blue Branch , reveals why they are looking to attract individuals with a competitive edge. Edinburgh-based... read more

22.04.2016 • By Blue Branch

Improve your attitude to achieve better results, claims Blue Branch

As a firm that regularly promotes the philosophy 'attitude dictates results', Edinburgh-based sales and promotions firm Blue Branch has claimed... read more

14.04.2016 • By Blue Branch

Master the art of leadership to become a better entrepreneur claims Blue...

Leadership is almost entirely about managing people effectively, and Blue Branch believes that having great ideas and a strategic vision won't... read more

21.03.2016 • By Blue Branch

Blue Branch: Does Your Brand Have Purpose?

Consumers want brands to communicate a purpose or motive behind what they do, however many brands are struggling to do this with conviction. Event... read more

18.03.2016 • By Blue Branch

MD at Blue Branch Wins Holiday to Tenerife in Client Competition

It was announced earlier this week that Managing Director at Blue Branch, Rania Noumaan was among the winners in the firm's client competition,... read more

08.02.2016 • By Blue Branch

Blue Branch Ltd reviews 2016 marketing trend predictions

Direct sales and marketing firm Blue Branch Ltd reviews the top marketing trends that are predicted for next year. A recent online article... read more

07.12.2015 • By Blue Branch

Blue Branch Ltd share their opinion on the use of emojis in marketing

Advances in technology have had a huge impact on how companies market their products and services; they have been forced to evolve and move with... read more

10.08.2015 • By Blue Branch

Scottish Firm Blue Branch Show Their Support for New Scheme for...

With entrepreneurship rates rising up and down the UK a new scheme in Scotland is set to reward and promote those brave and driven enough to... read more

03.07.2015 • By Blue Branch

Devise a Business Model that Encourages an Entrepreneurial Mind-Set Says...

Direct sales and marketing company Blue Branch , in Edinburgh, reveal the benefits of creating a company culture and business model than enables... read more

16.06.2015 • By Blue Branch